Thins to Carry in Your Waterfront Shop

If you own a store anywhere near the water, such as an ocean, lake, or bay, you may wonder what to stock up on. Some turn their places into grocery stores, while others promote swimming, diving, and skiing lessons. If you are primarily a small shop and do not wish to be the catch-all for customers, here are three things to focus on having.

Food; Most every store will carry some type of drink and snacks, but as a store that’s on the waterfront, food is a guaranteed money maker. Visitors will come in looking for various snacks and drinks to take with them as they walk the beach, hang out with friends, or go for a boat ride. Ice cream and cold soda are some of the most popular things you could carry.

Supplies; While you may not be a mechanic or have space for a large number of things, you should have some staple supplies for those who may come to your store. A first aide kit is a necessity, while discount boat parts may need to be found elsewhere. Rope, matches, and life vests are good things to have in stock as well.  

Miscellaneous; If you carry things that are relevant to your location, they are sure to be grab items. If someone either forgot or doesn’t own a pair of sunglasses, it’s likely they will buy a pair from your store knowing they will be in the sun all day. The same goes for hats, water toys, and phone protectors. Tourist type memorabilia is good to carry as well. You never know who likes to collect things everywhere they go.

The items you carry in your shop will determine the customers you have. Know who you want in your store before you decide on what to carry in it.