Glass Cleaning Tips For Your Car

Car glass is one of the important parts. Serves to protect the driver from the brunt of hard objects, dust and sun exposure. However, not a few lazy drivers clean the car windshield. Meanwhile, other drivers treat the car glass the wrong way. As a result, the fungus that grows thrives. The glass of the car became blurred.

In addition to unsightly, the former fungus in the glass can cause the vehicle light from the opposite direction to be fluorescent. This will disturb the driver’s eyesight. Eyes become easy to achieve.

Head of Mechanical Nawalis Car Care Specialist, Thomas Setiawan said, mushrooms that grow in the windshield of the car can be removed with the drug. This herb is widely sold in the market. “To eliminate the fungus in the glass of the car is enough with the drug, there is a liquid and powder, later, the medicine is applied to the glass. If the manual can use the hands or cloth,” he said, in Nawalis Car Care Specialist, Radio Dalam, 12/3).

Thomas recommends that you do not use soap to clean the glass. Especially on the inside of the film coated. “To clean the glass, can use wiper water or special soap wiper. When wearing a cloth to wipe the glass, better to use microfiber cloth,” he said.

Cars affected by rain should be cleaned glass soon. If not, over time will grow fungus. “Glass when it rains, if it can be dried immediately, so do not get the glass dry itself, why long it will be a mushroom, if it becomes mushroom, want baseball would have to buy medicine to remove it,” he explained.

Another suggestion that your car glass does not quickly become opaque is not washing the car in the hot sun. It can make the grains of water attached to the windshield dry faster. So it can leave a trace that is difficult to remove. This water deposition if too much can become a crust, and in the end can invite the growth of mushrooms. Spots of water can also appear in the glass. So disturb your view while driving it at night. Eyes become tired easily because of the reflection of lights that fluoresce due to spots of water stains.