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New CarsFIA Top Fuel The most identifiable of all the dragsters, the highest fuelers are the quickest and have the quickest acceleration of all of the racers on the planet. They are powered by a nitro burning, supercharged V8 engine, and are capable of operating the quarter mile in 4 seconds at speeds of over 300mph, because of their 7000-8000 bhp. They can also set off automotive alarms in a 5 mile radius and their fire-up fumes act as tear gas!

The Model three sedan, set to go into production in late 2017, has generated massive interest since its unveiling on March 31. BNSF Railway Co has began providing discounts to ethanol shippers this April if they comply with use DOT 117s. A second smaller Fisker electrical automotive will comply with, Fisker stated, and can target the upcoming Tesla Model 3, which is expected to start at about $35,000.

The number of ways into automobiles has proliferated, from cell phone indicators to dongles. One such gateway is the usual OBD-II port discovered below the steering wheel traditionally used for onboard diagnostics. Today, lots of of after-market gadgets use the port, whether or not to monitor driving for insurance needs or provide conveniences like safety alerts.

The Danish automotive designer’s earlier enterprise, Fisker Automotive, as soon as was a rival to Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA.) in the nascent marketplace for electrical luxury automobiles. Founded in 2007, Fisker Automotive constructed fewer than 2,000 vehicles through 2012 whereas burning by means of $1.four billion in non-public investments and taxpayer-funded loans from the U.S. Department of Energy. Fisker left the company in March 2013, before it filed for bankruptcy safety.

Carfax lets you test a vehicle’s restore and registration historical past. You can get info akin to earlier homeowners, miles pushed by each owner, and data of main repairs. Only last month, Volvo stated it could reshape its Polestar business into a standalone model, targeted on excessive-performance electric cars aimed at competing with Tesla and the Mercedes AMG division.