5 Automotive Facts That Might Surprise You

Suppose you’re a car or truck enthusiast. In that case, you already know plenty about the industry, production levels, what the top-rated cars are, trends in automotive design, and the latest technology offered by automakers. But do you know the top paying job in the transportation industry, the price of the three least expensive 2023 cars, the most practical passenger vehicle, the simplest way to cut gasoline bills, and what two maintenance chores people tend to avoid doing? How many of the following automotive factoids do you already know?

Top Paying Transport Job

Modern vehicle fleet managers juggle multiple responsibilities. Unsurprisingly, the average initial annual salary tops the $100k mark and rises rather quickly as experience and seniority rise year after year. Ironically, alongside the many sophisticated systems and applications at their disposal, most fleet managers rely on several simple techniques and technological devices to get their jobs done. That’s why fleet supervisors employ dash cams, GPS devices, and in-cab coaching via real-time video connections. They also use the universal VIN, the vehicle identification number, to keep tabs on warranty expiration dates, insurance coverage, various safety recall announcements, state registrations, and much other essential information about each truck under their control. Managers in transport firms need to know the location of VINs and what each character of the coded string of numbers and letters represents.

Most Practical Cars

PHEVs (plug-in hybrid electric vehicles) have proven to be the most practical vehicles on the road. Since the debut of the Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid in 2011, several carmakers have followed suit and offered buyers the chance to own cars like EVs and combustion engines all rolled into one. Ironically, the Volt is no longer in production, but at least a dozen major manufacturers are now selling PHEVs. For drivers, the big selling point is that they can drive in electric-only mode, combustion-only, or hybrid whenever they wish.

Most Neglected Maintenance Chores

For decades, car owners have procrastinated about doing a few simple maintenance jobs. While some are meticulous with taking care of their four-wheeled conveyances, others visit the mechanic’s shop annually for routine fixes and upkeep. The two most-neglected items are oil changes and checking tire pressure. Ironically, owners who take care of those jobs on their own at least twice per year can save about 10% on fuel costs. Not to mention regular maintenance can improve your engines performance and help your vehicle to last longer.

Easiest Way to Save on Gasoline

Keeping tires at their recommended pressure rating, and regularly changing oil are excellent ways to increase fuel efficiency. What about saving money on every gallon at the pump? The single-shot way to cut prices is to join a wholesale club, where you’ll usually get gas and diesel for about 10 cents less per gallon. Most drivers can more than offset the small annual membership fee with discounts on gasoline and diesel fuel.

The 3 Lowest Priced New Cars for 2023

For those on a budget, the least expensive new cars, based on actual or estimated MSRP, are the Kia Rio, at $16,450, Mitsubishi Mirage, whose sticker is $16,245, and the Nissan Versa S, who’s estimated MSRP is $15,880. All three offer excellent value for the price.