Early Problem of Air Conditioner Car

If you start to have problems with the car’s air conditioner, such as a hot blast when the car is in low speed, or weird sounds occur, then this may be the initial symptom of an air conditioner compressor. Immediately contact RV repair Tacoma to fix the problem. Here are some early traits that we must be aware of for our car air conditioning compressor can get immediate handling and not spread to other problems that can make us spend extra cost for the price of the compressor:

    There was a somewhat crude sound when the AC button was changed to the 1-2-3 position indicating the air conditioner started working. The problematic compressor will sound like friction. But if the button is set back to ‘off’, its voice will be lost

    Pressure on the compressor is reduced. At first the air blow from the air conditioner will feel less cold when the engine rpm in a low state. But when the car starts at a certain speed, the air will start to feel cold

    There was a leak. The bigger the leak, the Freon will run faster and faster the air conditioner does not feel cold. The average leakage on the car air conditioner compressor lasts about 6 weeks until the total Freon runs out. If there is a good Freon leak directly take it to the garage yes. Because there are side effects inhaling Freon gas on the leaked car air conditioner.

    Problems with magnetic clutch or magnetic coupling. The most common case is when the car is on a traffic jam or is walking creeping. The air in the once cold cabin suddenly was not cold at all. Fixed after being turned off for a while and restarted, the AC worked again normally. Usually this is accompanied by a high car rpm, above the number 1 or 1000 rpm.

If we find an indication like the above, you should immediately contact a trusted workshop, especially workshops that specifically fix car air conditioning problems such as AC repair Tacoma. Because if delayed and left because it is thought to be back to its original by itself, the problem can spread to other components and the edges can be greater damage. Moreover, the compressor is not the kind of spare parts that are cheap.

Problems and Causes of Problem Car Air Conditioner Compressor

As has been said before, when there is damage to the compressor, it is often caused by hidden and less visible problems that cause the system to get too much pressure. Therefore, in addition to the fact that the price of a car air conditioner compressor is not cheap, it is important for us to know for two reasons:

    By detecting and fixing such invisible problems, we will prevent failure of the AC compressor

    If we just replace the damaged compressor without fixing the problem, the new compressor is likely to be damaged as well

Below are common problems that cause damage to the AC compressor:

1. Fan dead or weak

when the fan ac and fan radiator die / weak will make the pressure of Freon in high press lane increase or overheat, will automatically make compressor become excessive heat and potentially make compressor become problem like rough or leaky sound.

2. Freon is too little in the system

If there is a hole or crack in the Freon air conditioner hose, AC will have a Freon leak. And after a while, the Freon level becomes very low and causes the compressor to work harder to pump enough Freon throughout the system to cool the cabin. This tension will eventually cause the compressor condition to deteriorate.

3. Too much Freon is filled

If our car’s air conditioner is handled by qualified technicians then the technician adds too much Freon, or even using the wrong type of Freon, it can have a deadly effect on the compressor.

4. Deadlock / clogged

basically Car ac work system is Freon circulation continuously in system, if flow of circulation is hampered (dead end) make compressor keep work (pumping) but circulation flow is not normal and result compressor collapse.

5. Insufficient lubricating oil

Think of this lubricant oil as a blood in the human body. If this oil is not enough, the system can not work properly and any kind of problems may arise, including the problem of AC compressor damage. When the system is routinely maintained by a professional AC technician, the technician will check the oil level and oil pump conditions to prevent this problem.

6. Age of use

by following routine usage and maintenance procedures, of course, can extend the life of the component parts of your car’s special ac parts on the compressor.