How to Become a Driving Instructor in 2022

Are you thinking about becoming a driving instructor? If you enjoy driving, you want to help others and you are patient with strong communication skills then this could be the perfect role for you. Additionally, driving instructors are in demand right now due to a COVID-19 backlog so it is a good time to start this career.

Apply to Become an Instructor

The first step is to simply apply to become a driving instructor. The provisions are that you must have held a full UK manual driving license for 4 years with 0 points, you must be over 21, and be able to read older-style number plates from 27.5 metres away. You can easily apply to become a driving instructor online.

Get a Trainer

Next, you will want to get a trainer. A trainer will teach you how to become a driving instructor and give you advice on how you can excel in this role. You need to be much more than a good driver to be a good instructor as you must also be patient, able to give clear directions, and help people to feel comfortable and a trainer can help with all of this.

Take a Theory & Ability Test

Much like learning how to drive, you must also pass a theory and ability test before you can start work as a driving instructor. This includes a theory and hazard perception test, a test of your driving ability, and a test of your instructional ability where you will be examined while you train a pupil. Your trainer will help you to prepare for these tests and you will then be able to begin work once you have passed these tests.

Purchase a Suitable Vehicle

If you want to set up as your self-employed driving instructor then you will also want to purchase a suitable car for learners. There are many good options for learner cars, such as the Ford Fiesta, Volkswagen Up!, Skoda Fabia, and Toyota Aygo. This will not be cheap so you may want to look into a business loan to secure funding that will allow you to buy a suitable learner car as well as cover any other costs that you incur, such as insurance, training, and marketing.

Market Your Business

Speaking of marketing, you want to get your name out there to start attracting students to your business. You will want to design a high-quality website, use digital marketing and be active on social media. Referrals are highly effective with this type of business, so you want to encourage friends and family to spread the word as well as ask your first few clients to recommend you to their friends.

These are the main steps involved that will help you to start work as a driving instructor and will hopefully help you to find success.