How To Choose a Car Lift

How to Choose Right Car Lift for Your Garage ? | Car lifts, Garage ...

If you’ve ever wedged yourself underneath your car or truck, struggled to shine a light to pinpoint the area of concern, and then tried to replace parts in these cramped circumstances, then you already know why it’s a good idea to put a car lift in your garage or home shop. Before you head out to purchase an automotive lift, however, you need to know how to choose the best piece of equipment for your situation.

Why Do You Want a Lift?

Start by identifying your primary purpose for the lift. Some auto owners just want a way to lift their car or truck for easy access to the under-carriage. Others want a place to store their vehicle. If you’re looking for more storage space in your garage, a four-post lift is probably best, while portable or scissor lifts are good options for maintenance and repairs. At this point, it’s also important to think about the weight of your vehicle.  

How Much Space Do You Have?

Consider the size of your garage or shop. Do you have room for a permanent fixture, or will you need to find something portable? A permanent lift is likely to get in the way when it isn’t in use, so if you’re short on space, keep this in mind. There are plenty of options; some of the most common include a four-post or two-post lift, symmetric lifts, heavy-duty lifts, permanent and portable lifts, as well as tri-level lifts.

How Much Can You Pay?

Naturally, the price of the car lifts for sale catawissa mo must be considered. Work out your budget before you start shopping and consider things such as the savings when you can maintain and repair your cars and trucks at home instead of paying someone else.  

With purpose, space, and cost in mind, you are ready to start researching and comparing the available lifts. There are just too many drawbacks to trying to work in a foot or less of clearance. Imagine, instead, the convenience of changing your oil without scraping your back on the concrete of your driveway.