How To Choose The Best USB Car Charger

Are you planning on going for a road trip with your family or friends? Then, a USB charger is not to be left behind. The fact that people these days spend a lot of time on their phones cannot be ignored. Meaning that phones need to be charged more regularly. Well, having your phone well charged before commencing the trip is a perfect idea, but things get real when your phone reads battery low probably because you have been browsing or listening to music the whole time.

USB Car Charger

 It is a powered device that is plugged into the cars accessory port and consequently passes current to your phone using the USB cable. It is used to charge USB compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets, and cameras among others. An pictorial example of a USB charger is as shown below;

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How then can you purchase the best USB Car charger? Here are a few things to look out for;

1.    Authenticity

There is nothing as bad as spending your money on buying a USB car charger only to find out that it is a knock off. Therefore, before purchasing any USB car charger, ensure that you identify a brand and Know its exact logo. This is so because counterfeit chargers usually have a very slight difference which if not keen enough might be hard to notice. Buy your charger only from trusted suppliers to avoid disappointments.

2.    Usability

How many devices will you be charging using the USB car charger? Is the charger well compatible with your devices? Well, if you are looking into charging more than one device, then it is advisable to get a USB charger with more than one socket. Also, often we travel with our family or friends, meaning that having a multiple USB charger will make it easier to charge more than one device during the journey, so you do not have to power the devices one by one. An example of a USB charger with multiple ports is as shown below;

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3.    Functionality

Most often people use the USB car chargers as a backup. Many are the times that you can find that you either forgot to charge your phone at home or you are on a road trip and your phone needs to be powered up. Fast charging chargers are advisable in this case; buy a charger that emits at least 2.1 AMPs per USB port.

4.    Safety

When dealing with USB car chargers, it is mandatory to consider your safety as well as the safety of your passengers. As mentioned earlier, you should at all costs avoid knock-off USB chargers; this is so because they may end up causing more danger to your car’s connection and in the worst scenario cause a fire.  Ensure that you buy high-quality USB chargers that will not put both your safety and the phone’s safety at stake.

5.    Size

The size of the USB charger may seem like a minor consideration, but it isn’t. Buy a USB charger that is not bulky and one that will not cause any obstruction whatsoever while driving your car.