About buying a used car

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Buying a used car can seem daunting: with so many factors to consider, where do you start? We will show you how to find a used car that not only suits you, but where you’ll feel safe behind the wheel. Here are the steps to follow when buying a used car:

Decide on the type of vehicle you want

Start the search

Ask the right questions

Take a test drive

Get the history

Discover the value of the vehicle

Have a pre-purchase inspection done

Negotiate the price

Get insurance for the car

Finalize the sale

Continue reading below for a more detailed overview of each step in the process of buying a used outdoor car cover.

Which used car is best for you?

Your needs, your budget and your preferences will allow you to determine the vehicle that suits you. Think about the necessary features and those that could be a luxury for you. Evaluate vehicle characteristics such as make, model, price, fuel consumption, security clearance, vehicle size, driving experience and resale value.

Where to look for a used vehicle

To find a used vehicle near you, check out resources such as online ads, consumer reports, the local newspaper classified section, printed shopping guides and public auctions. Be sure to visit your local dealer to take a look at his fleet, as he is constantly getting new vehicles.

Find out where to shop a used car.

How much is the car worth?

You do not know if the price of the car you are interested in is reasonable? While many factors can affect the value of a car (accident history, maintenance, weather damage), using the CARFAX Canada Value Ranking tool can help you determine the price of your car. Average sales of similar vehicles in your area, giving you an idea where to start.

Find your Value Ranking.

How is a proper test drive done?

A 30-minute test drive is essential to evaluate the car’s operation in a realistic context. Plan a familiar itinerary and do what you usually do; press the brakes, park, corner, accelerate and change lanes. Get used to car accessories and make sure they work.  Get the checklist for a test drive.

Why is a pre-purchase inspection so important?

An inspection before the purchase is essential to determine the aesthetic and mechanical state of the vehicle and to verify if it meets the safety criteria. A mechanic can help you identify existing problems as well as those that may arise later. This information is crucial and can help you gain leeway for price negotiation.

Where can I do an inspection before buying?

What is a VIN audit and how can I do one?

A VIN check will give you details about a specific automobile, such as year, make, model and where it was made. When buying a used vehicle, it is good to know this information to make an informed decision. To decode a VIN, first find the VIN, which is usually inside the driver’s door and on the windshield, and register it in a free decoding tool, like this:

Get a Free VIN decoding

How can I know the history of a vehicle?

A CARFAX Canada Vehicle History Report provides you with important information that is essential to understand when buying a used vehicle. More importantly, it allows you to know if the vehicle you are interested in has been involved in an accident and if a lien is attached to the vehicle.  Get a vehicle history report.

What are the questions to ask before buying your next vehicle?

Eliminate the intimidation factor when buying a used vehicle by asking the right questions. Ask the seller why he sells his vehicle, if the vehicle has been regularly serviced and repaired and is still covered by a warranty. Ask for a VIN check and make sure to subject the vehicle to an independent inspection.

How to successfully negotiate the purchase of a used vehicle

Before negotiating, make sure you know the Vehicle Value Ranking and learn about other factors that affect the value of a vehicle. This will help you make an offer with confidence, based on your research and your budget. Control your emotions and get ready to retire – a good deal will benefit both parties.  Key Tips for Buying a Used Vehicle.

How to get good car insurance

Replacing your used car is a good time to re-evaluate your insurance needs and make sure you have the right coverage. You will have to update your insurance before finalizing the sale, so shop around and see what is available in terms of price and what your premiums will cover. There are also several discount programs available. You can get more information from our friends at Sonnet.

How does one finalize the sale of a used car?

Each province has different rules for finalizing the sale of a used vehicle. We have compiled the steps and information you need to know, as well as links to the appropriate websites. If in doubt, contact the government of your province to verify that you and your seller are reassured.


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