The Genesis Of African Science And Expertise

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The Genesis of African Science and Know-how: The Stars of the Deepest Origins-The Dogon’s Planetary Cosmologic Knowhow

Prime Row: Uranus and Neptune; Middle Row: Earth, White Dwarf Star, Sirius B and Venus; Bottom row: Mars and Mercury; Last Row: Moon, dwarf planets Pluto and Haumea. Click on on Image gallery for a much more closer look.

The final map and site of the Dogon in West Africa

Dogon Vilage

Land of the Dogon

Pygmy homes constructed into the cliff and granaries by the Pigmy’s and later by the Dogon

The Dogon people in Africa worship the Star Sirius as well as its satellites Sirius A, B and C. They had data of their elliptical rotations across the North star long earlier than NASA confirmed this

The Dogons are a folks ell known by their cosmogony, their esotericism. They are also famous for their inventive skills and huge information about astrology, particularly the Sirius star, which is the center of their spiritual teachings.

In Mali, Bandiagara Escarpment, the Dogon folks rest-up while performing on stilts.

Excessive within the cliffs above the Dogon village where we see the brother of the Hogon walking between the rocks to assist with a burial, Bandiagara Escarpment, Mali- 1994

Dogon Circumcision Cave Painting

The Dogons go as far as describing a 3rd star within the Sirius system, referred to as “Emme Ya” that, to this point, has not been identified by astronomers

Sirius B is an extremely dim star from to Sirius, the Canine Star, the brightest star within the night time sky sky. Sirius is distinguished in the evening sky in Winter and Spring, and you can simply spot the sensible star wanting East and south of Orion the Hunter

It wasn’t till the 20th Century, that western astronomers finally proved the existence of Sirius B, which they found to be a White Dwarf, smaller and heavier than Sirius as the Dogon had Stated, and whose elliptical orbit precipitated the massive Star to Wo

Sirius B, on the left and shining brightly, helps us to understand the perfection of light around us

Hubble Image of the Sirius binary system, during which Sirius B will be clearly distinguished(decrease left speck or dot, smaller than the larger shiny foreground lit star.

Sirius is 23 time more luninous and about twice the mass and diammeter of the Sun. It’s farthest away from the Earth than the Solar. however not too far, cosmically speaking. At a mere eight.5 light years away, Sirius seems so brilliant in part as a result of it’s th

The arrow is pointing to white dwarf, Sirius B

A better perspective of the shut-u view of Sirius A and B

Simply earlier than sunrise, watch for Venus and Saturn to rise as a pair in your East Horizon, with Mercury rising very shut behind. Wanting straight overhead, you’ll find ruddy Mars with a 38% illuminated Moon. That vivid star to the pair’s right is Can

The position of the sirius B is our ‘tether’ to the outer- reaches of of the galaxy

Dogon Sand drawing of the whole Sirius system, A. Sirius, B. Po Tolo. the thing equated with Siriu B is shown in two positions; C. Emme Ya, the solar of girls, equated with Sirius C; D. The Nommo; E. the Yourougou, a mythical male figure destined

The Milky Means – This image is an effective representation of the alignment of the planets in relation to measurement. The Dogon converse of disk-like primordial wrinkles which prefigure the spiraling worlds of stars which are to fill up the universe of Amma – infini

Hubble’s first images of visible picture of the Carina Nebula. It is composed of fuel and dirt and the pictured pillar resides within the tempestuous stellar nursery in the Carina Nebula, situated 7500 light years in the southern constellation of Carina. Thi

Sirius: the determine of Nommo’s placenta, which denotes the cardinal directions if Terrestial Area, as defined by the Dogon.

Decoding the African Scientific Tradition

The Stars of the Galactic Inside-Sanctum

Lens, movie, and amplifier circuit had not but come to the help of the previous sky-clerks. Doubtless most of them lacked even the simple magnificence of Algebra and geometry of the last millennium or two, but one useful resource they’d in plenty, which trendy astronomy can not substitute. They’d time. Time for super-novas, time for the celebs to shift, time for all the bizarre preparations of the planets, for the obvious shut method of Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, time for every thing.(Philip Morrison. (Astronomy of the Ancients)

The Dogon of Mali

In Mali, west Africa, lives a clan of people referred to as the Dogon. Their astronomical lore goes again 1000’s of years to about 3200 B.C. Based on their traditions, their migrations started from the Northeast of Mali, about 1,four hundred years ago, lastly main them to their present habitat – a harsh, forbidding land abutting the Bandiagara Cliffs, in the southeastern Mali. Their populations assessed to be about 300,000 people dwelling within the South West of the Niger loop within the area of Mopti, Mali(Bandiagara, Koro, Banka), near Douentza and a part of North of Burkina Faso(North west of Ouahigouya). Though clear hyperlinks to the ancient Nilotic system are everywhere evident in their thought, they seem to have kind of independently elaborated ideas in astrophysics and cosmology that go well past what is understood of historical Nile Valley science. Such concepts are advanced enough to match favorably with certain ideas in Einsteinian physics and quantum mechanics. How might a “pre-literate,” post-neolithic folks arrive at such a high degree of thought? How could such a posh system be created with out advantage of telescope, microscopes, arithmetic, or any of the technical paraphernalia that undergird fashionable science. Brecher was racking his brains over these points when he mentioned: “The issue for us.. is how the Dogon could have identified a number of astronomical info, all of that are invisible to the unaided eye. Particularly, how, may they have recognized concerning the existence of Sirius B? How may they’ve known of its unbelievable density? It elliptical orbit? Its 50-12 months period? They have no business knowing any of this.” This was blurted-out by an eminent M.I.T. scientist. It’s not altogether easy to know how you can assess the Dogon, and in some ways, they are essentially the most astonishing and enigmatic folks in Africa.

According to the traditions of the Dogon, the Star Serius has a companion star which is invisible to the human eye. This companion star has a 50 yr elliptical orbit around the seen Sirius and is extremely heavy. The Dogon say that it It rotates on its axis and that is the star which the scientists call Sirius B, and it wasn’t even photographed until it was finished by a large telescope in 1970. The Dogon knew about it at least 1000 years in the past. Sirius Bhas shaped the premise of the holiest Dogon beliefs since antiquity. Western astronomers did not uncover the star till the middle of the nineteenth century, and it wasn’t even photographed until 1970 as noticed above. In addition to their knowledge of Sirius B, the Dogon Mythology consists of Saturn’s rings and Jupiter’s four major moons. They’ve four calendars, for the Sun, Moon, Sirius and Venus, and have lengthy recognized that the planets orbit the Solar.

Two Ethnologists, Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen, were members of a group that lived and labored with the Dogon for 25 years. The Dogon didn’t let him in on the deeper features of their system for a full sixteen years. They have been being tested or “vetted” by the Dogon Elders who had a larger goal in revealing essentially the most profound particulars of their hidden system to exterior view for the very first time. Griaule and Dieterlen refrained form exploring and discussing the bigger ramifications of the system they had been uncovering. All they were doing was to observe the rules of the field of ethnology, i.e., to watch, inquire, report and to not interpret a lot. They in some way knew that their traditional work would drive a paradigm shift within the history of concepts, not merely for Africa, but for the whole world. It came to their attention that they were trying into a pool of African Cosmic concepts and seeing a number of the most advanced Western scientific and philosophical ideas mirrored back at them, concepts that Westerners had all the time assumed belonged only to themselves.

The Dogon Po and the Origin of Matter and Area-Time

Primal Seeds

Griaule and Dieterlen wrote: “Their conception of the Universe relies.. on a principle of vibrations of matter and.. a basic motion of the universe as a complete. The Unique germ of life is symbolized by the smallest cultivated seed – Digitaria exilis… This seed, quickened by an internal vibration, bursts the enveloping sheath, and emerges to achieve the uttermost confines of the Universe.” In the Dogon Cosmogony, there may be nothing extra fundamental than the Po -seed(Scientific title: Digitaria exilis. The Po , according to the Dogon, is a lot of this, and it being these many things, and it’s all the time the smallest thing. We’re informed by Griaule the the Dogon oral records, in regards to the World -Egg of Amma, the Creator: “The oval Po was created, which positioned itself invisibly on the middle of the Egg…. ” It’s stated: “When Amma broke the egg of the world and got here out, a whirlwind arose. The Po, which is the smallest(factor), was made invisible, on the center; the wind is Amma himself. It’s the Po which Amma let come out first.” Amma’s artistic will was situated within the Po, the smallest of things.”

Except there be any doubts concerning the “atomic” significance of the meaning this side of the Po, we’re knowledgeable within the Dogon system that the “Po is the picture of the origin of matter.”(Griaule/Dieterlen) Fashionable physics has arrived at the similar conclusion: Within the construction and behavior of the very smallest issues lies the explanation of all matter(R. Gore) The phrase atom comes from the Greek word meaning “Invisible”. Democritus had been given credit for articulating the idea that ‘matter is composed of agglomerations of extremely small “grains” or “atoms”. This idea has survived into modern physics, however we will additionally see the concept which is evident within the Po of the Dogon. The trendy atom is modeled as a ‘micro’ Solar System, with nucleus of proton and neutron at the middle, within the manner of the Solar and our planets orbiting it within the method of planets. One can compare that to the Dogon description of the “smallest of components”: This inside motion of the smallest of all the weather God createdthe Po is reflected in space by the spiraling movement of the celebrities.” (Griaule/Dieterlen)The Po signifies one thing extra: it’s the origin point of house-time itself. This is essential and crucial to understand. Edwin Hubbell discovered in 1922 that every one galaxies are Shifting Away from the earth in all directions at ever rising speeds; and, they are shifting in all route from each other in the same manner. Within the Nineteen Forties, this led cosmologist Alexander Gamow to suggest that the universe is expanding at an ever larger velocity and that, at one time, all the universe – all area and time – was concentrated in a kernel or speck smaller than a proton(Encyclopedia Britannica Vol. 2, 1992; R. Gore) This condition is called a “singularity”, that is, a condition of infinite density and curvature of house-time where the legal guidelines of physics now not operate.(S. Hawkings). This cosmic explosion came to be generally known as the “Large Bang”, and it was the start of the creation of the Universe as we are seeing it.

The Po is the singularity whose singularity brought on the universe to kind and expand, and the Dogon discuss with this because the “image of the origin of matter, and the Po’s smallness, is the image of the start of all things. All the things that Amma Created begin just like the little seed of Po.(Griaule/dieterlen) That is how the Dogon conceive of the “Massive Bang” as the “Big Burst” explained by themselves: “The bursting of the Po and the whirling of the spiral within the other direction made Amma’s seat pivot… Although Amma created the world, he made the Po answerable for placing it into motion: by whirling after which acting as a spring,the Po took along and then distributed all issues within the Universe. The bursting Po is drawn with porridge of Emme Pilu on the north wall above the platform on the bago throughout the ceremony of the “tasting of the new millet”… eight traces placed on the 4 cardinal factors show the distribution of the primordial seeds within the realized Universe.” We subsequently have here a Dogon model of how the Large Bang, or Massive Burst Singularity from which all Creation emerged.

Steven Hawking shows us that, given its growth, the universe should have begun with a singularity. One can even say that the Universe should have begun in a Po-state. But Hawkings comes with a really interesting conclusion fro his primordial singularity: “At the singularity, general relativity and all other physical legal guidelines would break down: one couldn’t predict what’s going to come out of the singularity. As explained before, which means one would possibly as well minimize the Large Bang, and lots of events earlier than it, out of the theory of common relativity, as a result of they’ll haven’t any effect on what we observe. House-time would have a boundary – starting on the huge bang.”(Hawkings) What Hawkings is saying is that what happened at and before the Massive Bang Singularity has no practical bearing on what is occurring in space-time now; he he sees it as being irrelevant because as a result of it cannot be measured or decided by any laws that govern our current universe. The Big Bang singularity is outdoors our existence in keeping with Hawkings. However the Dogon do not acknowledge such a limitation. The “existence earlier than existence” is woven into the material of their cosmogenic system and the singularity just previous creation is given tangible reality: “Now, the universe in Amma’s womb was still outside of time and area, which have been intermingled in a common state of valuation.” (Griaule/Dieterlen)

The Beginning of Space-Time, Signs and Symbols

African Investigation into house Time

Typical of African thought, the Dogon concept of house-time, its origin, an its evolution, is apiece with their mytho-non secular ideas. Central to this holistic principle is the role of signs, the fundamental constituents of symbols, and the Dogon say: “Simply as Amma started the world by the sign, it is by destroying the signs that he’ll annihilate it.(Griaule/Dieterlen) The Dogon referred to as myths so tanie, ie., we discover that the indicators are the constituents of symbols and the symbols the tissue of myths. When the Creator wishes to destroy the world, he will first take away the myths by destroying the signs. In line with the Dogon, Amma created and recreated the world twice over. He created the new Universe on this style:: “Starting from the primordial ‘traces,’ bummo, Amma first drew ‘marks,’ yala, of a new universe inside his ‘womb’ or ‘egg.'(Griaule/Dieterlen) Analogous language is used in modern scientific writing to describe the formation of the universe: “… imagine the Big Bang.. A kernel of the cosmos… researchers led by.. George Smoot.. had found primordial wrinkles, floating at the very beginning of time…. No more than wispy tendrils.. the ripples.. are no much less that the handwriting of God.”(Newsweek, 1992) George Smoot elaborated further in a book describing the monumental discoveries of his team: “The sample of wrinkles I noticed on the map was primordial… among the constructions represented by the wrinkles had been so large that they might solely have been generated at the firth of the universe…. I used to be watching primordial wrinkles in time, the imprint of creation and the seeds of the modern universe.” We have now already seen that the Dogon conceive of the generation of every little thing by way of germinating “seeds”: “The transformation of yala into tonu (representational diagrams) marks a stage in the formation of the heavenly our bodies – seen and invisible – that are the twins of the seeds. It prefigures the spiraling worlds of stars which can be to refill the universe of Amma – infinite and but measurable – when he’ll ‘open himself up.”(Griaule/Dieterlen) The signs of creation and the myths woven about them by scientists is as related in description that the the Dogon supply. The primal explosion of the Universe as described by modern science, bringing about into existence the formation of the galaxies, makes us observe that they use the identical terminology: “Gravity draws matter to denser areas, which act like seeds for galaxies and cluster of galaxies.” Within the Dogon cosmic system, matter comes into existence spinning out of the “primal egg,” after the Po burst.”(Newsweek, 1992/1996) You will need to word that the more we find mytho-religious terminology creeping into the theorizing of scientist, and that is completed in such a approach as to provide coherence to ideas that emanate from the investigation into the deepest nature of things and of galaxies. At the outer limits of contemporary science, fable and matter are merging(Smoot and Davidson) This spinning motif seems to underlie the Dogon conception of how area-time comes into existence and evolves. They say: “Amma’s inventive will was located within the Po, the smallest of things. Like a central air bubble, it spun and scattered the particles of matter in a sonorous and luminous motion, which, however, remained inaudible and invisible. It was much less a phrase than thought. Within the work of creation, the axis of the world emerges spinning: one sums up this work of creation by saying of the egg: ‘It spun, opened; the remnant was the.. axis of the world.”(Griaule/Dieterlen)

Wherever creative forces are at work, again and again, there’s a creative spinning bringing forth the fibers of matter, and that is why the spider is a mytho-sort that’s consistantly showing throughout West Africa. Hawking makes use of parallels the Dogon’s idea of the spinning means of creation: “After the large bang the Universe as a complete would have continued increasing and cooling, but in areas that were barely denser than common., the enlargement would have slowed down by the extra gravitational attraction. This might ultimately stop expansion in some areas, and trigger them to start to collapse. As they have been collapsing, the gravitational pull of matter exterior these regions might begin them rotating slightly. As the collapsing region acquired smaller, it could spin sooner… Ultimately, when the area got sufficiently small, it might be spinning fast enough to steadiness the attraction of gravity, and on this way, disk-like rotating galaxies had been born.”(Hawkings) Whirling and spinning forces produced wind, and this wind was crucial to the life of the stars as the Dogon state: “When Amma broke the egg of the world and got here out, a whirlwind arose. The Po, which is the smallest thing, was made invisible on the middle; the wind is Amma himself. It is the Po which Amma let come out first. When life will increase, it increases by whirling. Its been already stated that the Po represents the smallest of things, anything,; it’s therefore the smallest of stars, i.e., these often known as “white dwarfs” In response to materials offered by Griaule and Dieterlen, strictly speaking, white dwarfs aren’t the smallest of stars – neutron stars are. In a white dwarf, the mass of a solar is packed right into a sphere the dimensions of earth; in a neutron star, the mass of a solar is packed right into a a sphere the dimensions of a small metropolis. Neutron stars thus possess unimaginable density and gravity. They spin on their axis at excessive speeds. There is, nevertheless, a suggestion that the Dogon recognized the existence of a spinning body smaller than the Po Pilu(“white dwarfs”)

On this character, it’s referred to as the Po Pilu(“white seed”) which specifically refers to the first- and greatest-identified of the white dwarfs, Sirius B, the companion to Sirius. We discover this uncanny parallels in fashionable science: One trendy scientist put it tis approach: “Because the degeneratewhite dwarf and it companions orbit one another, the dwarf’s robust gravity pulls gasoline from the other star. This swirling gasoline varieties.. an accretion disc, which feeds onto the surface of the dwarf, wrapping it in an ever growing mantle. Our Solar, or any star of about the same mass, has a typical history. It begins as a cloud of gasoline and dirt, or nebula. When sufficient matter falls to the middle, the central mass ignites and turns into a star, which can undergo a “jet part.” Stellar winds blow fuel and dirt away from the star and , in the case of our Solar, depart planets in the clear.(Gore)

This creative pressure of the whirlwind seems within the Dogon system when describing their resurrection mythology. The eight ancestors of all creation are known as Nommo The one called Nommo Anagonno , is repented because the Fish-Nommo, which shall be sacrificed to counteract disorder within the Universe and renew creation. Concerning this sacrificed Nommo’s relationship to the Po, the Dogon state: “By its spinning the unwound Po had poured all the pieces it contained into the Nommo’s ‘great ark’…. This ark was comprised of the rest of the sacrificed sufferer’s placenta. According to the Dogon, this ark symbolizes the whole world in time and area and ultimately, ti fill is creation, Amma causes the ark to descend, moving backwards and forwards like a pendulum: “While the ark was swinging backward and forward, the truth that it was suspended from a sequence made it pivot on its axis, forwards and backwards. On this way, the line of its descent made a double helix, reproducing the very motion of life, of the whirlwind that quickened the first seed. This movement was maintained by the breath of the ancestors, as it passed by way of a nozzle. The nozzle is formed like this whirling respiration, referred to as “spinning wind,” which gave force to the “helix of descent.”(Griaule and Dieterlen)This sound just like the spreading and dashing up of the galaxies away from each after the massive burst, and that is what Hubble noted in his commentary of the Universe.

The Dogon’s African Mental Historical past

Where the history of African people is anxious, Africa must sit on the heart of its study and interrogation. Though students would vehemently deny it, fable-making either or rises out of history. Examples of nationwide myths that decisively impacted history of sure people embrace the “chosen” mantle of the ancient Hebrews, the “manifest destiny” of an expansive American nation, and the “thousand-12 months Reich” of German National Socialism. If a folks don’t have a national delusion, they create one as a result of it’s the fantasy that determines what they hope to be and what they strive for. Thus, myths are usually not “fiction”, they are the symbolic essence of a individuals’s quest for meaning and destiny. The parable, “So Tanie “‘astonishing word’ which the Dogon contemplate to be “actual” history.. constitutes here the entire of coherent themes of creation; t his is why, by advantage of their coherence and their order of succession, they make up a “historical past of the Universe,”- Aduno So Tanie.

Every sixty years the Dogon have a good time a ceremony known as Sigui , corresponding to the renewal of the world throughout which Amma and his son, the nommo or the world’s demiurge. The Dogon knew the szygies; thus, the world was created in seven twin years. They name Sirius, whose heliacal rising they knew, Sigui tolo = “The Star of Sigui,” the feast of the world’s rebirth marking the time when a brand new “sigui” priest needed to be chosen for another sixty years. What is more extraordinary is that for the Dogon, the Star Sirius s not the basis of the system. a minuscule star, called Po Tolo or Digitaria(Griaule/Dieterlen) , is the true middle of the Dogon system. In modern astronomy, it’s called ‘the invisible companion of Sirius’, which can be a double star. Po tolo, its companion, is a white dwarf star, which is invisible to the naked eye and its unsuspected presence explains the perturbations of the orbit of Sirius, essentially the most sensible star within the sky, qnd which can be the basis of the Egyptian sidereal calendar. Though we might not assert that the Dogon or the traditional Egyptians had already acquired the identical scientific comprehension of these phenomena as trendy scientists. However it’s certain that the Dogon have acquired a preise data of the existence of this white dwarf star, invisible to the bare eye, and of it monumental density; they know its trajectory and that of Sirius: “Digitaria is the smallest of ll issues. It’s the heaviest star,” say the Dogon.

The vivid language utilized by the Dogon must not lead us to devaluate their comprehension of the phenomenon, for it couldn’t be in any other case. Aside from its translatory motion on its orbit around Sirius, Po tolo or Digitaria makes a whole revolution round its axis in one year. mOst importantly, trendy astronomy is not capable of invalidating or confirming this annual revolution of Po tolo, but it has confirmed one other affirmation of the Dogon,specifically, the period of fifty years taken by one other star that revolves around Sirius. In addition they know Saturn’s rings and the four biggest moons of Jupiter. (Adams) The identical concept is also expressed by the Woyo individuals of Equatorial Africa, in line with former Zairian Ambassador M. Nguvulu-Lubundi. The speculation of the four elements is known. (Griaule/Dieterlen) Based on Griaule and Dieterlen: “Digitaria’s orbit is situated at the middle of the world; Digitaria i the axis of the entire world, and with out it movement no heavenly body could keep itself. This is to say that Digitaria is the regulator of the celestial positions; notable, it regulates that of Sirius, the most uncoordinated star; it separates from the other our bodies surrounding its trajectory.”

Certain colleges of quantum theories are experimenting with “super-place of state” and these experimenters have been capable of develop a tool known as SQUID(Superconducting Quantum Interference System) that detect electrons transferring in additional that one state; that is to say, , existing in two totally different varieties concurrently. This has led some theories to depart an impression that fashionable physics has moved nearer than ever to science fiction. One in every of these theories posits that “multi universes” present in a “superposed” state relative to at least one other, that. at quantum, particles comparable to electrons can and do move by way of multiple universe.(Hogan) These separate universes are self-contained however not entirely impermeable to 1 another. There are way-put theorists who attribute all manner of phenomena, ranging from schizophrenia to paranormal phenomena, to the existence of those “superposed” universes. Now, evaluate these ideas to the Dogon’s explanation of Amma’s work: “The number 14, attributed to the spiral worlds produced by Amma, implies the concept of potential reproduction and multiplication: seven is the sum of three, the masculine quantity, and four, the feminine quantity. Right here it designates the seven Earths and 7 Heavens. Amma created 7×2, that is to say, an infinity in phrases. The superposition of worlds and the concept of the infinite multiplication of stellar universes are indicated by the truth that the quantity 28 is attributed to Amma as nicely; it’s called “Amma’s quantity,” as a result of one also says: “Amma fourteen above, fourteen below, and many others…” The spiral worlds of stars had been populated universes; as a result of concurrently with issues, Amma, having given type a motion to the world, created all residing things. Because the Dogon say, ‘all creation comes out of the Amma egg which is the Po. Additionally, quantum physics postulated a number of universes level out to the Huge Bang, so too are the multiple universes that emerge out of the bursting Po superposed. What’s of most putting importance right here is the Dogon’s insistence that there’s clever life elsewhere in our universe and in different universes. Physicist Fred Alan Wolf articulates this level thus: “What is a parallel universe? Like an everyday universe, it is a area of house and time containing matter, galaxies, stars, planets and dwelling beings. In different words, a parallel universe is similar and presumably even a duplicate of our personal universe. Not solely in a parallel universe should there be different human beings, but these could also be human beings who are actual duplicate of ourselves and who’re linked to ourselves through mechanisms explainable solely through the use of quantum physics concepts.”

Dogon Cosmogony

Anansi the Cosmic Weaver and the Net of Creation

The Dogon from Northern Mali are referred to as HABRE(unbelievers) by the Fulani, as a result of they resisted Islam, and following their migration below stress form the MOSSI Kingdom, they sought shelter among the many rocky country on the foot of Andiagara and Hombori mountains the place they wrested fields from the arid floor with assistance from synthetic irrigation. Dogon social and non secular organizations are carefully interlinked and out of this arose principal religions, which accounts for the richness and variety of Dogon culture and artwork. The Hogon is the religious leader of a region, answerable for the religion of Lebe, the ‘mythical’ serpent. Assisted by the blacksmith, he presides over agrarian ceremonies. The clans are subdivided into lineages,overseen by the patriarch, guardian of the clan’s ancestral shrine and officiant at the totemic animal faith. Beside this hierarchical system of consanguinity, female and male associations are entrusted with the initiations that take place by age group, corresponding to teams of newly circumcised or excised boys or women. circumcision thus creates wholly male or feminine person prepared to assume an adult function. The members of an age group owe one another assistance until the day the die. Initiation of boys begins after their circumcision, with the instructing of the myths annotated by drawings and work. The younger boys will learn the place of people in nature, society and the universe. Due to the tough approach to those regions and the aridity of the climate, the Dogon have been remoted and hence have been capable of preserve their ancient spiritual habits and methods of making their implements necessary for his or her carvings.

The spider holds an essential place in their mythologies, and among the many Akan, for example, there exist an entire constellation of tales around Anansi, the Spider. The spider plays a special function within the Dogon cosmogenesis as well, as a result of Anansi the Spider is a trickster, and among the Dogon, Dada the Spider is allied is allied to the Prince of Tricksters,” the supply of all Chaos and Disorder. According to the Dogon, Dada, spins the Fox’s thread to assist him in his rebellion towards Amma’s creation. This insurrection and creation of chaos, is in reality, entropy, the force that pushes the universe ever outward. It’s identified that chaos is intrinsic to the universe for it is the undifferentiated “stuff” from which materials house-time arises. The spider attaches himself to the original Tree, the acacia, i n the Dogon lore, with the intention to “weave the words of Ogo: “Placed on the heart of the acacia, the spider wove its threads in a conical spiral for the position of the warp, and by transferring vertically, for the coming and going of the passing woof… By the fabric, it sifted the germs that had been hurried into the universe by spinning. The sound of its work, of the same nature as the phrase, grabbed them as they passed by and, with them, fastened its self at the crossing of the threads)Griaule and Dieterlen) That is another approach of seeing the creation of the clusters within the universe as described by the Dogon.

It is extremely fascinating to see the work of spiders applied in the theories of physics which have developed since 1984. In particle theories, the history(or motion) of a particle is represented by a line,but in string theories, matter in the time dimension ramifies otherwise: “A string, however,occupies a line in area at each moment of time. So, its historical past in area-time is a two-dimension surface referred to as the world sheet.. The world sheet of an open string is a strip… The world sheet of a closed string is a cylinder or tube. In string theories, what had been beforehand thought of as particles at the moment are pictured as waves touring down a string, like waves on a vibrating kite string….. The concept was that particles just like the proton and the neutron could possibly be considered waves on a string. The strong forces between the particles would correspond to items of string that went between the other bits of string, as in a spider’s webnote emphasis.(Hawkings) This internet imagery or analogy is continually echoed by quantum theorists: “Quantum idea has shown that particles should not isolated grains of matter, however are probability patterns,interconnections in an inseparable cosmic web. Relativity concept.. has made these patterns come alive by revealing their intrinsically dynamic character.”(F. Capra). Again and again we discover the “internet imagery” used within the physical description of the universe: “A pleasant picture.. is the way in which cobwebs typically unseen in abnormal gentle, turn into strikingly seen when dew that settles on their strands through the evening is lit by the morning solar. The gossamer community of galaxies we see within the night sky is the shimmering dew on a cosmic cobweb , as visible mater outlines the shape of structures of invisible ‘Dark Matter’, to which it has been drawn by gravitational attraction(Smoot and Davidson)

The Dogon’s Inner System of Stars- The solar System

Griaule and Dieterlen write: “… in regard to the construction of the universe, the sacrifice of the Nommo determined the creation and the trail of the celebs, evidence of the blood, of the clavicular seeds and religious principles, and of the very important organs,when the physique was divided up. Summing up this collection of events, one says: “Amma was the within the Po, the seven grains got here out of it in spirals. Because of the sacrifice of Nommo, the celebs and seeds have been strewn all through house… At first the celebs walked in the sky by following the sacrifice of the Nommo.” P. Moore wrote that: Star streaming: In their passage across the Galaxy, stars transfer in parallel teams known as star streams, whose paths cross in order that the stars intermingle like marching bandsmen in navy display.”

Latest advances in astrophysics now present that the universe is actually a closed system, and that its growth will ultimately cease some billion years hence. Eastern philosophies say that the universe is sort of a respiratory, expanding on inspiration and contracting on expiration. The Dogon’s probing of the universe has proven them a larger version of man there. The Dogon recognized an inter system of stars, the photo voltaic system, which they say corresponds to the flow of blood on the placenta of the sacrificed Nommo.. They consider it to be the driving force of the stellar world, directly influencing the life of man and is development on earth; it performs an element very similar to the system of inner organs in the human body the “external” star system is descried as the “path of blood” outside the placenta and is made up of stars much additional away, i.e., outside the photo voltaic system. This external system of stars additionally influences life on Earth though not as powerfully as those of the internal system. This external “path of blood,” according to the Dogon, consists of the Milky Approach, itself the image of the spiral of stars inside the ‘spiraling star world’ through which earth is discovered.(Griaule and Dieterlen)

Orion and the Sirian Star System: Beginning of Nursery of Stars

“There is Nothing New Beneath the Solar”

The Dogon name the Orion’s Chariot, or known at the moment as the Trapezium, as the “seat of Amma’s basis”. They are saying: “In stellar area, the Chariot is the symbol of Amma’s seat; it surrounds the Atanu, the Belt…. It is related to the essential parts and to the cardinal directions, which presided through the realization of the universe that was ‘thought’ by the Creator. This is interesting, contemplating that the Orion Nebula is considered the birthplace of stars, veritably a ‘”Cosmic Nursery”.(See picture of Carina Nebula that’s bathed within the glow of light from sizzling, massive stars off the top of the picture) What has been extra astonishing than the Dogon’s description of the properties of the star often known as Sirius B, Po Tolo, to the Dogon, was not until the 17th century that Western astronomers realized that planetary orbits, orbits with of most heavenly bodies, tended to explain ellipses, as the Dogon represented that of Sirius B.

Within the early twentieth century, Carl Sagan purported the parable that some European affected the Dogon’s presentation of the Sirius myth and repeated it verbatim to Griaule a generation later. Other than the total absence of data – oral or written- this preposterous fiction and situation ignores the inconvenient truth that the realization that Sirius B was a white dwarf did not occur till 1914. Furthermore, any of the properties of white dwarves that the Dogon describe didn’t turn out to be a part of the general body of astronomic data till after Griaule started his researches amongst them in 1931. Carl Sagan, the astronomer and plenty of of his ilk, have constantly tried to manufacture the Dogon’s galactic data to show that they are not legit or is from someplace else. it is the Dogon who had seven hundred years of information of this tradition that it is right to say that the Dogon deserve credit score for having discovered Sirius B and the white dwarf as a class of star. What’s extra, they’ve data that Sirius B was extremely dense and heavy of the non-neutron stars. This is what the Dogon must say concerning the metallic structure of Sirius B: “The Star Sirius B incorporates fundamental elements, “air”, fireplace and water”; the component “earth” is replaced by metallic in all its kinds, particularly by the metallic referred to as sagala, somewhat more shiny than iron and of such density that ‘all the beings on earth collectively couldn’t elevate a small part of it,’ Therefore the star’s weight and,since it is so small, its density.”(Griaule and Dieterlen)

How do the Dogon’s know that white dwarves are composed principally of an iron-like metallic substance which has only been documented within the final generation by spectrographic analysis. Additionally, we wouldn’t have something that comes all the way down to us from historical Nile, Chaldea, China or the medieval Arabic world that remotely compares to the Dogon’s caliber of astronomical data. It’s due to this fact unconscionable to call the Dogon a “tribal” and ‘primitive” folks when they can function at a level of cosmic understanding corresponding to “trendy” Astrologists with their trendy tools. If an obscure African individuals residing their lives tucked away in a half-forgotten corner of Mali, will be ignored about their data and culture and its connection to the universe, and due given to Einstein, the quantum theorists and fashionable astrophysicist ass having re-cleared a road for modern astronomy, which the Dogon’s have been talking about for over 700 earlier than, it seems like we are not learning something new on this outdated crushed path by long expounded by the Dogon folks.

Trendy Astronomy and Dogon Views of Gravity and Supernova

The Dogon appear additionally to have an idea that can be described as ‘gravity’: “The Movements of Po to keep all other stars on the respective locations: actually, they say that with out this motion none of them would “stay in place.” Po Tolo forces them to keep their trajectory: particularly, ‘it regulates the trajectory of Sirius, which is the only one that doesn’t observe an everyday curve, and which it separates from the only one stars by surrounding it with its own orbit.”(Griaule and Dieterlen). That is how fashionable scientific analysis bears this out: “The first white dwarf to be discovered was the companion of Sirius, now known as Sirius B. In 1844 Friedrich Bessel discovered irregularities within the motion of Sirius, and concluded that it will need to have a companion, the pair forming a binary system with a period of about 50 years. To ensure that its gravity to swing Sirius around in its orbit, it was clear that the companion will need to have a comparable mass.(Moore)

It is now known that gravity is expounded to the Einstenian curved universe; the Dogon too say that the universe is “curved.” The Po Tole is the mom-seed of all stars, because the ‘star of deep beginnings’ it’s the oldest of heavenly things. Or every solar system was created of a dying star reminiscent of Sirius B. In fact, since Sirius B is the closest white dwarf to our photo voltaic system, the Dogon is probably not removed from the reality when they declare that our photo voltaic system – including Earth and all the things on it – owes its very existence to Sirius B. The Dogon explain it this way: “The movements of Po Tolo, the heavy embryo of the world and the mark of all creation, are fairly lively: its contents are rejected by the power of its spinning in types which are “infinitely small,” very like the Po Pilu which develop rapidly: in this means, the star. white like Po Pilu, continues to distribute the germs of life as soon as contained by the seed it represents…. Amma created Po Tolo the to start with stars. Within the (physique) substance of Po Tolo, all of the things in your complete world, their signal exists a bit.”(Griaule and Dieterlen)

Examine the Dogon’s assertion above with the modern scientific clarification:

“As the degenerate white dwarf and its companion orbit one another, the dwarf’s robust gravity pulls gasoline from one other star. This swirling gas varieties.. an accretion disk, which feeds onto the floor of the dwarf, wrapping it in an ever-growing mantle. Gas swirling round a degenerate dwarf is accelerated to 5,000 kilometers per second. As this fuel strikes the dwarf’s thickening mantle, the influence heats the degenerate gas enormously. Temperatures within the mantle rise to the ten million degree needed to ignite nuclear fusion…. However since it is degenerate, the mantle can’t shed the heat by increasing…. Principally a new solar is temporarily created around the ember of a useless one… A nuclear smolder begins to spread. when it hits a flash level, a holocaust engulf the dwarf.”(Gore)

When reference is made concerning the “holocaust”, this implies a nova explosion which seems to us on earth as a sudden, brilliant, pinpoint flash of light in the nighttime sky and persists for a number of nights. Most white dwarves go Nova many instances in the last phases of their existence before vaporizing fully in a Sort I supernova explosion. These Nova explosions are vital for the creation of latest stars and star techniques.. regarding the latest Nova Aquilae, an infrared telescopy has yielded vital data regarding its activity: “The question about Nova Aquilae that intrigued UKIRT astronomers Longmore and Williams was whether or not the nova had begun emitting a lot infrared. That will imply, they believed that the shell of fuel blown off by the Nova had cooled enough to kind dust grains. Even the first time we checked out it, we noticed extra dust grains. the gas blown off by the nova could not have cooled that quick. Which means a few of that mud was there already. Sizzling gasoline must have been coming off the star for maybe hundreds of years before it went nova…. Like, why is tis star dust so interesting? Primarily as a result of it is the stuff of latest stars. Matter evolves throughout the lives of stars and emerges largely by means of their nova, and pink large states. More complex elements are cast solely in the fiery throes of those stars. Some of the air we breathe.. might have been released by a nova or crimson big. so had been many carbon and silicon atoms. supernovas have created many of the heavier elements….” As Sumner Starrfield put it: “The very material out of which our bodies are made have been cooked up in a violent course of somewhere in the universe.”(Gore) Fashionable astrophysics literature is abound with the Dogon imagery of grains from the Po Pilu, i.e. Sirius b, ejected into area and forming the germs of life: “Condensing strong grains within the gases expelled by novae may be anticipated to comprise.. nuclides, and so would type a element of interstellar material with an uncommon chemical composition…. When the photo voltaic System formed from interstellar grains, some grains derived from novae could be present.” (Moore)

The Dogon describe the nova course of affecting Sirius B as a white dwarf. They are saying of Po Tolo: “On the totemic sanctuaries, Po Tolo is represented by a circle with six rays marking the six yala of the sex of the Po in Amma’s womb. The rays are dotted strains indicating the star – which will burst, as did the Po Pilu, and be invisible for a while – can at present not be seen besides underneath particular circumstances.(Griaule and Dieterlen) The Dogon speculated that Sirius B has contributed an undetermined amount of the formative matter of our photo voltaic system, and the Dogon knew as a lot if not more than fashionable astronomers. If we can begin to grasp the interrelation of crimson giants, white dwarfs, novas and creation of latest star system, we are able to see how the Dogon state of affairs fits the info. Some Historians could not assist but assume that the best way of the Dogon to Conceptualize this method is eerily just like the transmission of Genetic information.(When the messenger RNA transmits the genetic code from DNA to transfer RNA, that can ultimately tell the bottom-pairs of the amino acids in formation to line as much as create protein, the constituents of residing organs)

The 4 Calendars of the Dogon People

The Dogon have 4 calendars and their predominant calendar is a lunar one, and so they also maintain a solar calendar. Their lunar yr is 354 days and their photo voltaic year is three hundred and sixty five days. There is also a soli-lunar 12 months of 360, and the twelve others grouped into twos, every containing 60 days. Their photo voltaic calendar begins within the Winter Solstice like ours, they usually observe the Solstices and equinoxes the entire 12 months spherical. This complete system appears to be surviving amongst the Dogon, that as they have described to us, the erecting of the altar of the resurrected Nommo , who sacrificed to renew the world, is correlated with what the Dogon call “the meeting of Sirius and the Solar, viz., the heliacal rising of Sirius. They enlighten us additional and state: Sirius is the image of the ever-dwelling placenta of the resurrected Nommo: the star can also be referred to as Alabararu which is a contraction of “Amma Albarka (or due to Amma…. On the spatial degree, the determine of Nommo’s placenta(Sirius) denotes the collateral directions of “four angles” of celestial area(See final image of Sirius in the photo gallery)

There are three essential calendars we are now conscious of, of the Dogon, i.e., and they’re the lunar calendar, the solar and the Sirian. The fourth cycle in uncommon as a result of it is based on the sic positions of Venus. Their agricultural cycle is tied to the positions of Venus whenever it appears; i.e., the trail of the planet by space and at specific times in the course of the 12 months. These positions are defined as follows:

Enegirim: Venus because the “star of the goatherds,” referring to the time of sowing and germination.

Dige Tanu: Venus as the star of midnight,” referring to the time of the millet rising from the earth.

Dono Tolo: Venus as the “star of the west” or Evening Star and refers back to the time of the millet that has grown into an ear.

Yazu: The position of Venus just after midnight and refers to the time of the grains shaped in the ear)Pregnant millet).Obia: This word means “hidden,” referring to Venus because the Morning Star, and is the time of the “ripe millet.” Yapunu da: The place of Venus within the heavens literally translates as “dish of the menstruating women,” that’s referring to the time when the millet is eaten(symbolically ‘useless’) and in the end presenting the clavicle of the individuals it has nourished.

Ultimately, as a actuality and testament of their being supremely subtle in their presentation of their data, by way of their tradition, structure and common galactic data, it’s clearly necessary to notice their information of entropy of the universe. And on the subject of To Polo(Sirius B), the Dogon’s stated: “The Star’s former position in house is where the solar is the place now the sun is, known as “seat of Po Tolo,” po tolo doy. Like the other stars, it moved away and is presently on the center of the sky: but it is a center in movement…

The Dogon have been saying what Hubble saw in 1922 that on the spectographic analysis, all the remotest galaxies in the universe have been shifting away from him: all the things was transferring away from his position, and all the things was shifting away from all the pieces else; the remoter the galaxy, the sooner it was transferring away- and this discovery led to the the Huge Bang Concept, and this completely changed fashionable cosmology. TheDogon have noticed this phenomena for the past seven hundred years. Relativity and quantum mechanics have rewoven western science into the material of common consciousness. However the disunion in thought inside fashionable thinkers and astronomers, has by no means happened to the Dogon: Their cosmic system is one to essentially the most authentic and completely consistent models extant of the seamless interweaving of empirical science and symbolic myth.

There are some profound astrophysical truths include on this abstract of Dogon Star science, a few of which have already been alluded to. A few of the most profound is the nature of the Sirius Star system and its importance in establishing and maintaining celestial order for our solar system. The Dogon have described in nice element and accuracy the structure and nature of our entire galaxy and the way we Earthlings fit into it. There are scholars who pose all sorts of weird and overtly unfavorable notions as to how a “primitive” african nation may possibly have detailed astronomical knowledge of neighboring star techniques. However, on this quick hub above,the Dogon’s description of celestial objects, shows that they’ve knowledge as to how the entire galaxy was formed, and is structured, not simply the closest star, but at first of the Massive Burst right as much as the ever increasing and limitless universe.. and the Dogon say that Amma is the clever consciousness behind all creation and the notice inside all beings. I’ll go away this discourse on the level the place astronomers at this time are nonetheless trying to figure-out what’s Darkish matter, and so they seem to think that it offers for the gravitational dashing and pulling of galaxies evenly throughout the universe because it expands. The Dogon seem to have it straight that Amma is within the universe, and in all of us….


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Jay: Thanks for the contribution above, and I do acknowledge many of the issues you could have just talked about. A few of them have been nicely coated by George G. M. James in his ebook “Stolen Legacy”: ‘The Greeks were not the authors of Greek Philosophy, however the individuals of North Africa, commonly referred to as the Egyptians’; and the biographical notes had been written by Asa G. Hilliard(one in every of my Grasp Lecturers). This e-book is a must learn for individuals who need to perceive even much more in-depth what you may have simply written about above. I also have recognized over time that’s is about time we African historians have to start to write our personal historical past, “Story” about ourselves, and use ‘all’ out there material at our disposal from all various kinds of disciplines and languages. That is important, and the hassle myst be very meticulous as a result of, one discovers, over time, all these Africans who’ve tried to do, have been dismissed, refused publications or ignored as irrelevant, unless they were not of African descent. Nicely, in the age of knowledge overload in the present day, we are able to cull from many sources and begin to rewrite and rebuild our history without any concern, but have devoted work ethic and stamina to undergo the process. This is what I’ve begun to do writing such Hubs. There are different Hubs I have written and anyone can read them about Egyptian Artwork, Structure, History, Religion and African historical past from other parts of the African world, that, in actuality, that being such a humongous task, it is nonetheless fulfilling and vital that we must always inform our own historical past from our own perspective, and let the chips fall wherever they could. I have come to the admission and conclusion that whether we write our own history or not, in each instances, we are going to be criticized, so, I have decided to put in writing our “Personal African ” historical past, and with time, I might be adding extra subjects and dimensions to this explicit Hub, and New Hubs that I am engaged on now to be published, too, and most of them will be on African Historical past. I do write about culture, , music and dance/traditional clothing and so forth about Africans and these too might be discovered amongst the Hubs I’ve written thus far. You might be proper, we should always do our personal research, and to this point, I have however barely scratched the surface, and intended to go on, and proof to this pledge I am making could be discovered amongst the Hubs I have printed thus far. I’ve gone into, and am am still-in over my head in researches about ourselves which you’re encouraging above. I’ve decided to jot down all our historical past from an African-centered standpoint and perspective and intended to do so for a really very long time certainly. Thanks for the contributions you are making via your comments above, and I recognize it very a lot, Jay…

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Search for the moors occupation of Spain and Portugal (proof that Africans introduced civilisation to Europe ). Lookup the Ifa divination system used by the ancient nok civilisation in Nigeria (the very foundations of at this time’s binary code). Look up the traditional Ethiopian multiplication methods ( one other sort of binary multiplication system utilized in at present’s computers) stolen by gotfried Leibniz. Look up African fractals utilized in several villages around west Africa. Dr Ron eglash has a guide out on it. It was an thought stolen by Mandelbrot. Look up the mathematical strategies used to build the pyramids. Sacred geometry and phi. Stolen by Fibonacci. Claimed that he found this idea while monitoring the population progress of rabbits. Bullshit. Archimedes was apparently the daddy of arithmetic, okay so then why is it he was finding out in Egypt, why could not he examine in Greece? I do know as a result of it was solely Africans that provided educational services. Egypt had thriller colleges the place everybody from Archimedes to Plato got here to be taught. Hippocrates didn’t coin the phrase “know thy self”. It was decrypted on many ancient Egyptian sites by Egyptologists as well as in Sudan. Once Archimedes died, maths almost did as nicely in Historic Greece, everyone with a mind is aware of that everyone learns off someone, he didn’t get up someday and simply begin jotting down numbers for enjoyable and discovering mathematical formula. So the place did he get it from? Alexander the Great and Aristotle also stole many books from Cairo and Alexandria and the traditional Greek intelligentsia plagiarised the traditional kemetians work. Now Africans are advised they’re primitive monkeys with low intelligence which is the excuse that was used to justify enslaving my ancestors. All sorts of theories are used to discredit our ancestors of their work. Theories just like the dynastic race theory which was rebutted rapidly and then Darwin reared his ugly head and created ridiculous pseudosciences like craniometry to place the white man on the top and africans at the bottom then we had been disadvantaged if training for hundreds of years. In late 18th century Britain should you we’re of African descent’ you were denied the rights to an education or from studying a talent. In Twenties when African People have been intellectually thriving. Their schools were burnt down and white kids got days off to look at Africans be burnt. There are thousands of black inventors that til at the present time. Isn’t put in the curriculum for us to study. The pioneers of laser eye surgery ‘ X-ray spectrometry’ the first man to successfully perform open coronary heart surgical procedure, the 1st man to separate Siamese twins from the top (Ben Carson). Black those that have made vital advances to astrophysics. These people are solely folks we will know of if we do our personal research. It’s very important as black those that we do. Otherwise we’ll be advised ceaselessly that black individuals have contributed nothing to humanity.

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I am impressed that you have had some entry and know extra in regards to the actuality of the information books/arts/crafts/science of some people and that it has bee been locked up the place it does not belong. In the identical vein, the very folks whose stolen intellectual property, as you sagely note in your response, are known as savages. Ironic, proper? I concur and am along with your question, what are this stuff doing there? Like all the artifacts and art/architecture of Egypt can be discovered in the Metropolitan Museum in New, the London Museum, and the Egyptians have been requesting for their return, however to no avail. I suppose everyone knows, ownership of every thing, especially of the character we’re talking about, has been what has made many of those countries highly effective and have money, tourism etc, for things which they know usually are not theirs. Nicely, all we will do, a few of us, is to start to put in writing about them, in each-which means we are able to.. The remainder, we appear to be unable to do anything with. But I like the way you’re speaking about the antiquated material tradition which, I will attempt to look more into into, and possibly, if I’ve sufficient information at some point, write about what you have just famous above.. I too am learning loads from the brief response above, and my awareness has been elevated.. Thanks very a lot for that…

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Actually for years we’ve been told that Africans are primitive folks with low IQs. The canine ones and historic Egyptians weren’t the one people with refined information. Africa was truly the mental capital of the world up till the 15th century and almost all the pieces that the Europeans ever invented had foundations from stolen African education. There are still books and written manuscripts around from family’s of historic African tribes detailing very subtle data of a broad vary of academia. There are still seven hundred,000 books about from Timbuktu university. You may see some in Oslo college. You may see dogon artwork and evidence of their data of the Sirius star system in the louvre (certainly one of European most prison enterprises) Query is, what are they doing there?

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RussellLHuey: Welcome to Hub pages and specifically onto the Hub above. Thanks very a lot in your sort comments and put up, and that of noting how it offers with the “origins of stuff’, and likewise that you simply assume and state that this can be a “Great Hub”. That I appreciate and am grateful for such kind and inspiring accolades. Thank once more and Welcome, and will probably be reading your articles on Weight-management and the like. Something about weight control for Males? Thanks!

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Research of Historical past will reward your endeavors. You will have to look for data,which, by the way, there is a connection between the Ancient Egyptians and the Dogon. In actual fact, the Egyptian realized from the Dogon. And by the best way, stone age, as you name it, is suffering from historic particles. You can start by going to relevant libraries and discover out extra for yourself. The thing about all I am saying, is that it is all out there. African Historiography is one Area you can begin your analysis. I hope you have got learned greater than you might be commenting right here, from the Hub. Just since you do not know something, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. On this case, studying and research are fundamental.

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the thing is , the place all this information got here from ???, within the age of stone no one might posibly even think of gravity, atoms and superior ideas.

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skadooch: Thank you for reading the Hub above. I am also grateful that I could add to your data in regards to the Dogon. As to whether the Dogon believing that the Nommo having introduced cannabis to earth, I’m not aware of such. You possibly can do more analysis on them by going to the Schomburg library in Harlem, maybe such info may be available there. I for one have no idea anything about it. Anyway, thank you for the remark and hope you retain on visiting a few of my Hubs here on HubPages.

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Absolutely superb! I knew a few things in regards to the dogon and the nommo already, however you gave so much more info than I could’ve imagined. I heard that the dogons imagine that hashish was brought to earth by the nommo and given to them as a present. Is there some reality to this?

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Tonymac04: How are you, tony? Thank you for commenting on the Hub above. It is true that there is a lot about Africa that’s constructive and must be written about. I’m additionally blissful that you are ‘bookmarking’ the article for further references. It is true that it will be significant that we study more about Africa, which has an interesting history and culture, not the one one purported to be the ‘Darkish Continent’ in response to those that know much less about it. I am appreciative of the enlightened and kind comments coming type you all the time. Thanks very a lot, Tony.

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Really attention-grabbing Hub which I’ve bookmarked for future reference. Thanks. Essential that Africa’s contribution to our knowledge about ourselves and our world is recognised.

Africa was and is simply dark to those that do not take the trouble to study it, or to expertise it with an open mind.

Love and peace

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shervy: Welcome to the Hub above and thanks very much for posting a comment. You are right, the Dogon article could be very detailed and makes an attempt to place into perspective the Dogon Tradition and beliefs. It also tries to elucidate their scientific and Cosmological knowledge and the way that is part of their culture too, as much as a microscopic degree of the Universe. I appreciate your thoughtful comments and am very appreciative of your input. Thank you once more and hope you come round to reading a number of the articles I’ve written on Africa, and different topics of interest. Thanks!

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Your article is really detailed and clarify the Dogon and their understanding of the cosmos to a degree of microscopic analysis.

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CaribeM: Welcome to the Hub and am very pleased to see that you’ve got appreciated the article. The Dogon are a unprecedented people who have a posh and sophisticated scientific information of the Cosmos, and it’s also embedded of their cultural and customary practices. Some have speculated that there’s some similarities with that of the Egyptian knowledge of the Universe. From my findings, they appear to have acquired this talent in some remote historical times(I am nonetheless working on attempting to trace it to even a lot deeper and most distant instances). It is their understanding of the Cosmos that is nonetheless astonishing and and noteworthy, we have simply begun to catch-up with them in these contemporary occasions. Additionally they practice their conception of Creation within their earthly tradition, customs and values. Yes certainly, they should be examine more and understood even a lot better. I thanks very much and am very glad that you simply learn the Hub and commented on it succinctly. You might be always welcome to learn-up on my hubs that tickle your fancy and am severely appreciative of your feed-again.

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Wow!!! What a mind blowing article! I have to admit that earlier than this studying I didn’t know in regards to the existence of the Dogon… What a rare individuals! What a complex understanding of cosmos, life and creation. Positively a tradition that is worth to learn more from. Thanks for this Hub, it was very enlightening for me. I learn a Lot!