3 Things To Do After a Car Accident

Even the most careful driver’s vehicle can be hit unexpectedly when another driver is not paying attention to the road. If you are in a car accident, the adrenaline may surge, or you may suffer from a stunned shock. You may even feel a combination of several emotions at the same time. No matter how you feel, stay calm and follow the three tips below.

1. Contact the Police

Contact the police and request an officer on the scene if someone has been hurt. While speaking to the dispatcher, notify the office of the accident injury and the apparent severity of the damage. Also, request an ambulance be sent to the scene. If there are no injuries, some districts limit police involvement at auto accidents, so it may be up to you to ask for identification and insurance information. Remember to take lots of photos to document the accident for your attorney.

2. Call a Tow Company

If your car was badly damaged in the collision, ask your phone’s interface to name a “tow company near me.” The tow company can take your vehicle to your chosen repair shop, so you do not have to worry about moving it again.

3. Phone Your Agent

Right after you phone your attorney, you should contact your insurance agent about the accident.  Your agent can give you a list of recommended auto repair shops the agency likes to work with.

If you were injured and need medical attention, it is imperative that you take care of yourself first and contact essential personnel later. Protect yourself after a car accident by using the three tips listed above. The more information you can get about the vehicle damage, accident scene, and other parties, the better your case will be when insurance goes after the person that caused the collision.