Tips for Controlling Beginner Motorcycle Load Balance Especially for Women

This is related to motor weight and balance techniques. Controlling the balance of motor load is very necessary in addition to maintaining balance, as well as to train us in traffic, in a traffic jam we do is pull gas and brake.

There are 3 alternative ways or tricks to better control the motor load. The 3 tricks are: Get to know the motor load, the movement to leave and stop, balance with the foot.

Get to know Motor Load

Remind or familiarize yourself to feel the motor load in several ways, for example in the state of the engine is off, guiding the motorbike by walking beside it or guiding the motorbike in a fixed position to sit in the motor and running legs while maintaining the motor balance.

You can often do this when passing a small road which requires motorbike riders to get off the vehicle and turn off the engine. If we can already feel, we can automatically position our body to respond to various motor states to stay balanced.

The above can also prove the statement, “Can it be accustomed”

Departure and Stop Movement

Learn and master our weaknesses in terms of balance by often making initial movements when we go to drive, here the balance is needed. Do it with confidence. Lower both feet while pulling gas slowly, lift your foot if it’s in balance. The second balance when we will stop. By loosening the gas while pulling the brake lever slowly, lower the legs without touching the ground to maintain balance, touching the ground if it’s stopped.

Practice leaving and stopping more often. Tips for easy going and stopping is to do it quickly. For example, when departing immediately do gas withdrawals quickly and regularly in order to achieve sufficient speed to achieve stability in balance. Irregular here means not careless, still feel the right gas withdrawal. When it stops too, do the pulling of the brake lever quickly and regularly.

Speed ​​is very helpful in balancing the motor state. Imagine if the motor is silent he will not have balance and will fall, in contrast to a motorbike that runs at a speed where he can balance. In that speed we will easily adjust the balance.

Do these tips with confidence, if the driver is not sure it will fail. And do tips that use speed in a quiet place or no other vehicle.

Balance with feet

When we sit on the motorbike, try to get both of our feet to touch the ground. If you are a woman you can wear footwear that has more height, such as high heels or wedges, etc. Usually in low speed the balance is difficult to control. Immediately lower the legs or one without touching the ground, just to maintain balance, if necessary braking and lowering the feet touching the ground while stopping. Remember, feet are useful to help maintain balance.

Like a circus acrobat walking on a rope, a walking person usually wears a long stick or wood that serves as a counterweight, the longer it is easier to control balance. In this case, our feet are balance guards.

Tips on driving motorbikes on the highway

  • Use a safety device to drive.
  • Keep driving in the leftmost lane in low speed.
  • Don’t forget to turn on the standard lamp. And turn on the turn signal when turning.
  • Do not do braking suddenly, because it can cause a rear-end collision.
  • Keep the distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. To anticipate sudden braking.

Keep driving by being on your track, without making strange moves like zigzags or sudden turns.

And no less important is not to forget to pray and keep trying to learn to master your motorbike, whether it is mastering the balance of the motorbike, mastering how to raise and lower the motor gear, and master other things about your motorbike. Good driving.