3 Organization Tips

Keeping a space clean and organized can be overwhelming sometimes. It takes work and dedication to get an area to look good and function well. By finding creative space-saving solutions, keeping things clean and reducing clutter, messy areas can be vastly improved.

1. Save Space

If one of the problems is that things are piled up because there is no designated space for them, then storage solutions should be considered. Even in tight spaces, finding or building drawers and cabinets on 4 inch caster wheels can slide under tables or into closets until needed.

2. Make a Plan

Make a to-do list of all the tasks that need to be accomplished and decide what order to do them in. Do things in an order that makes sense. For example, if it makes sense to pull out the contents of the cupboards and organize them on the kitchen table, then clearing off the table should be done before taking things out of the cupboards. Pick one room and work on it until it is completed to keep the motivation up.

3. Declutter

Go through the area that needs to be cleared out and examine each item carefully. Anything that is not needed or does not improve life in some way can probably be gotten rid of. Give away items to friends or donate them to a second-hand store or charity center. If they are not in shape to be given away, then try to recycle them instead.

It is not enough to get everything cleaned up and put away, the system should be maintained so that things do not slowly pile up again. It can be helpful to tackle one section at a time and work on it until it is completely finished before moving on to the next area. By sticking with it and doing work in manageable chunks, the project can be completed with minimum stress.