4 Top Factors To Consider If It Is Worth Paying For A Cinema

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Critics have pointed out that the theater-cinema industry has been slowly bleeding as more people have been opting for the different streaming services available online.

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Cinema ticket prices are determined by how much the theater uses to lease the film’s print that they show plus the overhead cost of showing the film.

The break and rise of the COVID-19 pandemic have not made many things much easier for the cinema industry as social gatherings have been banned.

Just like other dying industries, the cinema industry has asked Congress for bailout funds, claiming that without aid or assistance the cinema industry could die.

With this in mind let us take a look at some of the reasons whether it is worth it to pay to get into a cinema.

Is the cinema experience still worth our time and money or should we stay at home; warm and cozy in our blankets and stream whatever film we fancy.

Let us see.

  1. Big Screen.

There is something about the huge scale of cinema’s screen that makes watching a film exhilarating.

You could imagine the beautiful long takes of a nature scene or the view of a huge sophisticated spaceship on that huge screen.

Incredible! Right?

You would think that perhaps sitting in a dark theater with the incredible view of the huge screen wouldn’t matter if you had a 4K, 40 plus inch television…

Well, not everyone owns a 4K, 40 plus inch television, so not everyone can enjoy watching on a massive clear screen at home.

It is safe to say that scale has a way to make any film more indulging and exhilarating, perhaps a reason why you should purchase a ticket and still watch films in a cinema.

  1. Focus.

At home, there are so many triggers and factors that might deter you from focusing 100% when watching a film.

Be it loud roommates, family members, pets, or even your phone, you are more likely to be distracted from what you are watching at home.

On the other hand, when watching a film in the cinema, you are devoid of any destruction.

It is you, your chair, and perhaps some snacks you got earlier and the screen.

No destruction at all. You will end up understanding the film and enjoying it even more at the end of it.

  1. Massive Speakers.

One of the biggest advantages of watching a film in the cinemas is the good sound system that the theater comes along with.

Not only are the speakers clear and loud but also the cinema itself has pin-drop silence allowing you to hear every single sound or voice made in the film.

This is in direct contrast when watching films at home.

Not all TV sets are equipped with good sound systems or are everyone capable of purchasing quality sound systems.

This factor hinders how well the sounds in the film give off the intended effect, for instance like in a horror movie.

Conceivably, this might be a reason why you would opt to watch a film in the cinema.

  1. Extra Charges.

As much as Cinemas have good sound, huge screens, and an appropriate atmosphere, there is a price you have to pay for all these cons.

Lately, the prices of cinema tickets have been slowly increasing due to its decrease in its popularity.

On top of that, to walk into a cinema with snacks or refreshments, you will be required to pay an extra charge while if you were at home, you would have not paid for anything.

Perhaps this might deter you from purchasing a cinema ticket.


It is significantly easy for us to dismiss theatres and cinemas considering we do not have to pay any amount to squint our eyes on our laptops, phones, tablets, or TVs.

Also, we do not have to pay extra charges to get any form of refreshments.

However, as much as we can easily dismiss cinemas and conclude that we can do without them, some people consider the cinema experience worthwhile.

The cinema industry is also doing its best to bring back more people into cinemas.

All in all, what matters is everyone’s taste.

If you fancy cinema films and consider the cinema experience right up your alley then nothing should hold you back.

If not, there many other options you can indulge in at the comfort of your home.