Modifications Car Interior And Exterior

Simple modifications change the appearance of the car – For those of you who like car modification, of course the thing that needs to be fixed the first time is the appearance of the car, starting from the interior appearance, the technological appearance and the exterior appearance.

This time I will discuss a little about the car parts that need to be considered when modifying a car and what things need to be replaced.

Interior Section

Simple modifications change the appearance of the car-In the interior of the car I will discuss a few important points that greatly support your comfort while driving. At this time the car has become the second home for people who have to travel long distances every day to work, especially if we live in a densely populated area, we will definitely always encounter traffic jams that make us bored while on the road. To overcome this, making our car look as comfortable and attractive as possible is certainly very effective in keeping us from getting bored while on the road.

Seat Covers / Seat Covers

This chair or upholstery customization will be able to instantly change the look of your car’s interior instantly. There are many variations of this seat cover that you can choose, all you have to do is adjust the color to the theme color of your car, choose a material that is not hot, because you will be sitting on the seat cover for a long time.


The next interior modification is on the dashboard or dashboard. If your dashboard looks a little worn out or if you just want to modify it, just take it to your favorite repair shop as this part needs expert handling. The design you choose to apply to the console will give your interior the “wow” factor.


Modifications to the roof of this cabin will completely change the appearance of your car’s interior. You can make codification with a star display or make a luxurious roof with luxe leather. If you are creative, you can make it yourself at home. There are many tutorial videos on this subject, but if you want definite results, leave them to a proven variation workshop.

Modification of Car Rims

One of the parts that modifiers often look at in changing the appearance of their car is the rim. Usually, car manufacturers issue standard rims measuring 13 inches to 15 inches. The model is also uniform, so that vehicle owners usually target the rims first for replacement.

Modification of Car Audio

The next modification tip is to play in the interior. What is usually touched for interior modifications is car audio. Standard audio is definitely less qualified quality. Therefore, replace or add audio accessories so that the sound quality gets better.

Modification of the Car Body

The second modification tip changes the exterior appearance. Standard car, usually has a normal appearance. This is what makes vehicle owners want to make it look different. If you just want to change the look, usually by adding various accessories on the front and back.