Preparing Your Car For Long-Term Storage

What to Expect When Choosing Long-Term Storage for your Car

If you need to store your vehicle Socorro County soon but don’t know what that entails, you’ve come to the right place! Maybe you have a car or truck or some other piece of gas-powered equipment that you know will be hanging out in storage for a long time.

For whatever reason you are away from your vehicle, it’s important that you complete these quick and easy steps before closing the door on it for a while.

Clean Your Car!

This one can be easily overlooked, but it’s important to give your car a good washing before you store it. This way, not a single contaminant will stick to the paint or underside of the vehicle and cause rust or other issues.

Change the Oil

You can skip this step if you are planning on only storing your vehicle for a week or so, but if you plan on going longer than that you will definitely want to change the oil. This keeps the inside of your engine from degrading whilst you are on vacation or moving for a long-term thing.

Top Off the Tank

Topping off the gas tank is essential since it will keep the rubber sealants from drying out. You can also use a fuel stabilizer to prevent ethanol buildup.

Charge the Battery

Make sure the battery is fully charged before you leave your car, this will prolong its life and make sure that the car starts right up when you get back to it. Don’t forget to disconnect the power terminals that are located under the hood as well.

On top of the fact that you need to do these steps to keep your car clean and in working condition, when you finally pull it out after you have been away it will feel like having a new car again!